$10 for Groceries $50 or Less
$20 for Groceries $51 or more

Corner Store & Fast Food

Customers usually only need 1 to 5 items at these places, so it's just $10 delivery fee for these fast places.

Business Mail & Bank Deposits

We can bring your mail to the post office and get your mail and also deposit your bank deposits for you. Saving you a good 20 to 30 minutes. Delivery fee is $10 + $5 for each extra location.

Types of Items

  • Groceries
  • Fast Food
  • Restaurant Food
  • Deliver any local Businesses Products
  • Pick up or drop off cash for you
  • Can use your Coupons & Points Cards for your purchases
  • Deliver Alcohol and Cigarettes (must be 18+)
  • Pick up mail for Businesses
  • Drop off Businesses deposits to their banks
  • Deliver items from Business to Business locally
  • Deliver items from Business to Customer locally
  • Facebook Marketplace & Infomall delivery